Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ahoy there...

This being the inaugural post for the "I got hops" beer review I thought I might reveal a few things about myself. First and foremost I love beer.. That is the sole motivation for this little project. I like to drink beer, smell beer, talk beer and think beer. That being said I want to kick this little project off by explaining how this works. I will review beers solely at my discretion. I will then publish a review of the beers that I try. I welcome beers of all styles, flavors, types. The beers will be sampled and reviewed without bias... Occasionally I will interject some personal feeling and style preferences. . .

My goal is to promote the advancement of "craft beer" across the country. I want to educate people to what beer should taste like. And how they truly don't have to settle for "big box beer" .

I look forward to spending time reviewing and writing but most important sampling.

1 comment:

  1. Please mention it was I who turned you on to darker beers when you still thought King Cobra 40's were the "cats meow".